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Full-Service IT Partner

Today’s Landscape

Until recently, a majority of companies managed one centralized corporate network. But with the rise in work-from-anywhere (WFA) employees, today’s modern workplace is more decentralized than ever with every employee essentially becoming an office of one. As a result, IT organizations are tasked with managing hundreds of networks—networks that they do not own or control. With limited visibility into an end-user’s experience, IT teams can not sufficiently diagnose and treat individual performance issues or keep up with the rise in support tickets, leading to wasted time, resources, and productivity.

The Solution

AppNeta by Broadcom Software solves this problem—and more. With AppNeta, you can easily monitor network performance from your users’ perspectives, no matter where they are or what cloud-based apps they’re using. With this real-time, in-depth insight , IT teams are better equipped to identify and address performance issues across thousands of vast and distributed networks before end users are impacted. With advanced diagnostic capabilities and enhanced end user visibility, AppNeta network monitoring ensures critical business processes stay intact and primed for future growth.



AppNeta delivers unparalleled visibility into SaaS-based applications and end-user experience by leveraging both active and passive methodologies, resulting in a single, integrated monitoring point to ensure the highest IT performance at all levels.

    Discover when and where network issues are impacting application delivery for faster triage and repair
    Stop issues before they impact end-user experience with synthetic monitoring for real-time insight into SaaS and web app performance trends
    Stay informed of end-user experience and quickly discover every active application no matter when, where, or how it’s being used
    Get the raw data you need to identify and correct the root cause of network issues even at the most granular levels

Why A&I Solutions for AppNeta




Our team of certified experts know AppNeta inside and out thanks to their many years of experience and training. From setup to troubleshooting and issue resolution, our rockstar team does it all—and then some. Whether you’re short on resources, stuck at an IT impasse, or just need a trusted expert to offer guidance, we’ve got you covered. As a full-service partner, we provide complete and total AppNeta software and support to help boost your efforts and ensure uninterrupted business success.


  • Quick Start Program
  • Health Check and Review
  • Deployment Architecture Design
  • Fulfillment Pre-Configuration Planning
  • Monitoring Configuration, including Script Creation
  • Performance Monitoring & Root Cause Analysis
  • API Integrations
  • Training for Deployment, Configuration, and End Users
  • Automation for Large-Scale & Virtual Deployments
  • Operationalization of AppNeta
  • Direct APM Configuration, including Paths, Monitoring Points, Dashboards, and Reports
AppNeta IT Health Check Report

AppNeta Health Check

Ensure your software is optimized for success with our AppNeta Health Check Service! During this one-time IT assessment, our tech experts will review your current architecture and environment, share best practices, give recommendations, and more.

Boost Performance With Expert-Led Support

Cezary Kowalik
Senior Solutions Consultant

Cezary is a former AppNeta employee and has over a decade of expertise in network and web application performance with 9 years of experience specifically in the AppNeta product suite. He leads all of A&I’s technical efforts for AppNeta customers. Outside of work, Cezary is a fan of orbital mechanics, backcountry camping, and sandwiches.

John Raiford
Customer Success Manager

John has 8 years of experience as a Systems and Network Administrator. Most recently, he worked at AppNeta as a Support Engineer. John is the dedicated CSM for all AppNeta accounts and holds frequent cadence calls with customers to ensure their success. When not working, John enjoys spending time gaming, golfing, or making music.


Talk to one of our Professional Services team members to discover how AppNeta network monitoring can accelerate your business. Or schedule a demo to learn about AppNeta’s full capabilities and features.