AIOps (Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations) or Enterprise Monitoring as it is sometimes refered to combines data and AI-driven functionality for enhanced IT operations. Our comprehensive and automated solutions make it possible for teams to easily manage complex, hybrid environments while providing advanced insights to fuel a flawless digital experience. By eliminating unnecessary manual efforts, streamlining workflows, and reducing remediation time, AIOps delivers an intelligent solution to help businesses increase IT efficiency, accelerate innovation, and scale operations with ease.


With AppNeta, companies can finally have total visibility into the end-user experience of any application, from anywhere, and at any time. This highly-advanced SaaS-based solution extends beyond the network edge by providing real-time, actionable insights into ISP and cloud networks, enabling IT teams to quickly identify network issues to ensure business-critical activities stay intact. With active and passive monitoring, automatic diagnostics, flexible deployment, and more, AppNeta delivers complete and uninterrupted network performance monitoring for a truly superior digital experience. Key differentiators include low overhead, continuous monitoring, and predictable TCO.


DX NetOps

Through a combination of real-time performance monitoring and AI-driven analytics, DX NetOps enables IT teams to proactively monitor and quickly fix issues related to traditional, SDN, and cloud networks. The highly-advanced NetOps software simplifies today’s ultra-complex network operations, creating a unified and automated solution to deliver phenomenal customer experience and reduce operational headaches. Key solution components include DX Spectrum, DX Performance Management, Network Flow Analysis, DX Mediation Manger, DX Virtual Network Assurance, DX Operational Intelligence.

DX Unified Infrastructure Management (formerly CA UIM)

A&I’s DX Unified Infrastructure Management (DX UIM) solutions deliver comprehensive, integrated, and cost-effective monitoring, management, and reporting for system, network, capacity, environmental, and overall service operations management. Many of these solutions can be delivered via cloud or on-premise for rapid adoption and implementation. Key solution components include Unified Infrastructure Management Core Infrastructure and Probe Packs, DX Operational Intelligence, and Operational Intelligence Infrastructure Manager Collector.


DX Operational Intelligence

Effectively managing the massive influx of data generated from a mix of on-prem systems, virtual networks, and multiple cloud solutions is no easy feat for today’s enterprises. That’s where DX Operational Intelligence comes in. DX OI utilizes AI and machine learning capabilities to simplify infrastructure complexities and consolidate data across diverse computing environments into one clear, unified dashboard. With DX OI, companies can minimize alarm noise, accelerate mean-time-to-repair, and proactively manage resources, resulting in enhanced customer experience and reduced operational costs.

DX Application Performance Management (formerly CA APM)

Application Performance Management solutions help to quickly improve application performance and reliably deliver business services. A&I uniquely provides DX APM across physical, virtual, cloud, mobile, and mainframe environments. Our application management solutions capture transaction performance data to monitor, manage, and triage the customer experience. Key solution components include DX APM and DX Operational Intelligence.



DX SaaS offers a convenient, affordable, and frustration-free solution to traditional on-premise software implementation and management. Our DX SaaS solutions are designed to efficiently meet growing IT demands through an integrated set of software known for their proven reliability, powerful security, and exceptional, hassle-free service management. Key solution components include DX Operational Intelligence, DX APM, DX App Experience Analytics, and DX App Synthetic Monitor.


  • Powered by AI and machine learning for efficient, time-saving processes and workflows
  • Automated anomaly detection and remediation capabilities for enhanced operational agility
  • Full-stack observability across users, applications, hybrid infrastructures, and network services
  • Intelligent, unified analytics for predictive IT and faster remediation
  • Modern user interface with customizable dashboards and reporting
  • Streamlined data collection from multiple tools and third-party data sources into a single, centralized point
  • Support for metric, alarm, log, topology, text, and API data
  • Machine learning functionality for advanced service and alarm analytics, noise mitigation, and in-depth situational analysis


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