Enterprise Security


A&I's Enterprise Security solutions enable comprehensive enterprise security by securing applications, users, data, and infrastructure. A&I uniquely provides secure solutions across physical, virtual, cloud, mobile, and mainframe environments. Our enterprise security solutions monitor, manage, and audit systems, networks, applications, and transactions to provide advanced protection at every layer and reduce overall risk while improving regulatory compliance.


SiteMinder is a highly advanced access management platform that gives modern enterprises the ability to manage the authentication of large quantities of users from one centralized point. With flexible and adaptive features, SiteMinder gives security teams the control and full visibility needed to stop unauthorized access to sensitive data, monitor and manage user sessions in real-time, and support authorized authentication and single sign-on access.


Identity Suite

Managing a large volume of users and permissions can be challenging, but Identity Suite simplifies the process. From self-service capabilities, automated user creation, and a mobile-optimized web portal for on-the-go, Identity Suite has all the latest and greatest features to efficiently manage users while staying compliant and secure.


A&I proudly offers a revolutionary Directory server to meet the robust demands of modern businesses. Our Directory server is equipped with advanced technology to deliver extreme high-speed performance for read and write operations and support on-premises and cloud applications across data centers. Key features include data distribution and partitioning, automatic recovery, and a REST-based API and web-based management UI.


Privileged Access Manager

Easily control and manage privileged access across hybrid enterprises with Privileged Access Manager. From cloud to mainframe, mobile and more, PAM safeguards sensitive administrative credentials across all IT resources, guaranteeing privileged access is given only to authorized personnel. PAM helps to minimize security breaches and ensures valuable company info is protected to the greatest possible extent.


Ensure your company is protected at every level with Symantec. From cybersecurity to endpoint security, information security, and more, Symantec offers complete and comprehensive threat protection, risk management, and compliance assurance for enterprises of any scale or industry.

IT infrastructure


  • Unparalleled visibility and protection
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use user interface
  • Flexible deployment options
  • Modern, integrated, and open architecture
  • Enterprise performance and scalability
  • Automated risk mitigation
  • Powered by AI and machine learning technology
  • Centralized control over business-critical assets and access points


A&I Solutions offers an extensive portfolio of IT services and solutions to support the strategic goals of your business.  See our detailed listing of services here.

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