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We’re always thinking of new ways to support our customers and maximize their investment. Learn about our newest program below and be sure to check back soon for more special offerings.

A&I is thrilled to announce that we’ve added AppNeta to our network monitoring portfolio. AppNeta is a network monitoring solution like no other that delivers advanced visibility into the end-user experience of any application, from anywhere, at any time. Paired together with our other AIOps solutions, AppNeta can significantly expand and enhance a company’s overall network operations.

We also offer a wide range of AppNeta technical services to help ensure you’re set up for success. From health checks to creating incident response runbooks, configuring APIs and data access, single sign-on and more, we do it all.

AppNeta Services

Icon_List_Item Best Practices Workshop

Need some extra AppNeta assistance?  In this three-part workshop, you’ll learn core AppNeta concepts and how-tos to help simplify your monitoring point deployment, enhance monitoring configuration, and improve your incident response procedures.

Icon_List_Item Quick Start Services

Ensure success right from the start! Get up and running in no time by leveraging A&I’s Quick Start Services led by our certified AppNeta experts.

Icon_Services COMPONENTS

Icon_List_Item  Architecture Review

Icon_List_Item  Environment Assessment

Icon_List_Item Review Administration & Access

Icon_List_Item  Check Setup and Configuration

Icon_List_Item  Examine Dashboards and Reports

Icon_List_Item  Uncover Vulnerabilities

Icon_List_Item  Deliver Recommendations

Icon_List_Item  Share Best Practices

Icon_List_Item Map Out Strategic Plan

Icon_List_Item Explore Integrations

Icon_List_Item  Implement Quick Fixes

Icon_List_Item  …and More


Ensure your software is optimized for success with our IT Health Check Services! During this one-time IT assessment, one of our technical experts will review your current architecture and environment, share best practices, give recommendations, and resolve any minor technical issues.

By identifying potential weaknesses and vulnerabilities lurking in the background, our Health Checks can help you avoid major technical disasters down the road and improve your overall IT operations and efficiency.

See below for specific health checks we offer.

Icon_Products PRODUCTS

Symantec DLP Services

A&I now offers a wide range of technical services for Symantec Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions, including installation of DLP, creation, deployment and tuning of endpoints, incident workflow, custom backup and recovery plans, and so much more. Click here to view all of our DLP capabilities, led by a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)!


Simplify the testing process with our Continuous Testing Quick Start Program: an all-in-one package that provides everything from software licenses to installation, configuration, integration, training, extended support, plus free technical upgrades.

Our fully integrated, cloud-based, comprehensive solution ensures your testing runs smoothly from start to finish — saving you time, resources, and reducing business risk.

Icon_Products PRODUCTS

Icon_List_Item  Test Data Manager

Icon_List_Item  Service Virtualization

Icon_List_Item  Agile Requirements Designer

Icon_Services SERVICES

Icon_List_Item  Installation

Icon_List_Item  Solution Configuration

Icon_List_Item  Product Integration & Automation

Icon_Products SUPPORT

  Instructor-Led Training & Mentoring

  Free Technical Upgrade Installation

  Enhanced Support (Including Slack)


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