Layer7 API Management


Layer7 API Management suite delivers industry-leading API products with unmatched flexibility, performance, and security. Building on the foundation of its industry-leading SOA application gateway technology for exposing, securing, and managing backend applications, network systems, or infrastructure via APIs, Broadcom has added critical mobile, cloud, and REST composition features to its suite of API products plus the ability to test and monitor in both development and production environments. With this additional functionality, Layer7 provides all the vital elements needed for full lifecycle API management.

Layer7 API Gateway

Available as a single product by itself or included as part of the Layer7 API Management solution, Layer7 API Gateway is a sophisticated, highly advanced gateway to connect key data and applications across a variety of environments, such as cloud, container, and on-premise environments. Through advanced monitoring, security, and orchestration, Layer7 API Gateway provides comprehensive and unified API management to ensure optimal API performance.


Layer7 API Developer Portal 

Layer7 API Developer Portal includes a complete management system to accelerate and oversee the creation and discovery of APIs. This centralized hub streamlines API publishing while offering a variety of custom features. With Layer7 API Developer Portal, organizations are given access to an API explorer which helps developers discover APIs that are relevant to their needs and interests.


  • Securely integrate and govern APIs at scale
  • Self-service API publishing and access to a searchable catalog of APIS
  • Integrated Web, mobile, and XML fire-walling
  • Backend SOA connectivity across databases, applications, mainframes, and middleware
  • Protocol transformation from legacy to REST and JSON
  • Advanced SAML, OAuth, and XACML identity and access capabilities
  • Military-grade security certifications
  • Cloud, mobile and social connectivity for simplified orchestration with outside services


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