Launch your business into the future with open, cross-platform mainframe solutions. A&I Solutions offers the most advanced mainframe optimizing and modernizing products to help you automate, integrate, and secure your mainframe operations with ease. These products enable DevOps, Agile Operation, and Application Development Optimization for mainframe applications and infrastructure. By implementing these solutions, customers can save time and money, as well as ensure compliance across their business units.

Application Development

Our Mainframe Application Development solutions break down limited IT silos, integrating the mainframe into every aspect of your infrastructure. With Mainframe DevOps solutions, developers are given the modern methodologies and toolsets to manage, develop, and maintain cross-enterprise applications and accelerate innovation. Key products include CA Endevor, CA Gen, CA Easytrieve® Report Generator, CA Panvalet, CA Librarian, and CA Brightside.


Compliance and Data Protection

Keep your network and systems safe with Mainframe Compliance solutions designed to meet the complex security needs of hybrid IT enterprises. Our solutions help to minimize risk, protect against threats, and securely meet compliance needs, ensuring critical enterprise data and infrastructures remain intact and protected across the entire Mainframe lifecycle. Key products include CA Auditor for z/OS, CA Cleanup, CA Compliance Event Manager, CA Data Content Discovery, and CA Mainframe Security Insights Platform.

Content Management

Quickly get critical reports into the right hands with our Mainframe Content Management solutions. With our Content Management tools, you get precise control over how information is shared, when it’s shared, and with whom it’s shared, guaranteeing sensitive business data is secured, yet readily accessible to those who need it. Key products include CA View, CA Spool, CA Deliver, and CA Output Management Web Viewer.


Identity & Access

Safeguard your Mainframe data and secure sensitive info with our Identity & Access solutions. With multi-factor identification, privileged user management, and built-in monitoring, you can be sure your valuable and private info stays safe no matter what. Key products include CA ACF2, CA Trusted Access Manager for Z, and CA Top Secret.

Operational Analytics

With Mainframe Operational Analytics, you can spot issues the moment they first begin. A wealth of data, logs, analytics, and change events are collected across diverse systems and applications to keep you informed of developing issues, reoccurring patterns, and anomalies, so you can take corrective action fast. Key products include CA Dynamic Capacity Intelligence, Mainframe Operational Intelligence, and CA Mainframe Resource Intelligence.


Operations Management

Easily manage essential interconnected digital services across multiple environments with A&I’s Mainframe Intelligent Operations and Automation solutions. Built on an open architecture, these solutions help to automate and advance day-to-day operations by leveraging big data, machine learning, and AI technologies to increase business objectives and drive better results. Key products include CA MIM Resource Sharing, CA SYSVIEW Performance Management, CA Vantage Storage Management, CA Disk Backup & Restore, CA 1 Tape Management, CA Allocate DASD Space & Replacement, CA MICS Resource Management, CA OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation, and CA NetMaster Network Management for TCP/IP.

Databases & Database Management

Data is one of the most vital assets of any organization and must be properly stored and managed to ensure continued success. Our Mainframe Databases and Database Management solutions are key to achieving this success. They are built to accommodate high-volume workloads and feature open-access capabilities, 24/7 availability, and maximum scalability. Key products include CA Datacom, CA IDMS, CA Database Management for Db2 for z/OS, and CA Database Management Solutions for IMS for z/OS.


Testing and Quality

Mainframe testing doesn’t have to be complicated, costly, or lengthy. Our Mainframe Testing and Quality tools make it possible to quickly set up environments for mainframe testing, automate key processes, and easily spot abnormalities, so testing is conducted quickly and smoothly. Key products include CA SymDump Batch, CA InterTest Batch, CA SymDump System, CA SymDump for CICS, CA Mainframe Application Tuner (CA MAT), CA File Master Plus, and CA InterTest for CICS.


  • Open architecture for increased accessibility, flexibility, and optimization
  • Agile, cross-platform solutions
  • Combines big data, machine learning, and AIOps functionality for intelligent operations and management
  • Built to support high-volume workloads and hybrid -cloud IT architecture
  • Advanced protection of critical enterprise data, systems, and networks
  • Designed to drive automation, enable optimal workflows, and simplify large-scale integration


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