A&I's DevOps solutions enable the rapid creation of high-powered software while ensuring superior quality throughout every step of the process. Our DevOps testing solutions are designed to reduce risk, remove constraints, and improve quality, resulting in impeccably functioning software. These solutions create a unique, collaborative, and automated environment for developing and testing software to fuel exceptional user experiences.

Test Data Manager

Test Data Manager provides an automated solution to find, secure, create, and deliver test data faster to help teams get the right data when they need it most, reducing unnecessary lag time and improving application delivery on all fronts. This efficient and sophisticated solution makes it easy to automate test data management by combining rich synthetic data generation with comprehensive coverage analysis along with data masking capabilities and powerful data mining technology.


Agile Requirements Designer

Test smarter and at scale with Agile Requirements Designer. This testing solution uses visually defined requirements to automate the design, development, and maintenance of test cases throughout the entire testing lifecycle. From one single point, you can automatically generate test cases from clear and accurate pre-defined requirements, helping to eliminate manual efforts and shorten test cycles.


Service Virtualization

Service Virtualization is an innovative and highly beneficial enterprise solution that dramatically reduces test delays and eliminates common IT constraints related to QA testing and software development. By creating simulations of critical and high-traffic environments, Service Virtualization enables multiple teams to access applications, data, and resources simultaneously, thus making critical resources available how and whenever needed by all parties.

Continuous Delivery Director 

Continuous Delivery Director is designed to not only streamline operations but seamlessly automate your entire delivery chain. With built-in intelligence, predictive analysis, and end-to-end visibility, Continuous Delivery Director ensures more consistent, smooth, and timely deployments.



  • Unified and comprehensive software testing solutions
  • Developer-friendly, complete shift-left and shift-right testing
  • Intelligent, automated test generation and test coverage
  • Open-source based technology for easy integration with existing Dev set and third-party tools
  • On-demand, synthetic test data to increase pipeline and application testing efficiency
  • Visual, model-based UI for easy use and enhanced insights
  • Full orchestration and automation to optimize your entire workflow
  • UI/functional testing, load testing, mock services plus API testing and monitoring, and more


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