The more complex and technology-based companies become, the greater need there is for intelligent, automated solutions to help busy teams get more done and at a faster rate. A&I's Automation solutions help meet this need. Our automated solutions do more than just eliminate tedious tasks and unnecessary manual efforts; they use AI technology and machine learning capabilities to transform entire workflows from the inside out, helping to improve critical, high-volume processes and provide continuous feedback across complex infrastructures.

Nolio Release Automation

Make manual and scripted processes a thing of the past with Nolio Release Automation. This powerful deployment tool relies on continuous and precise automation to control and accelerate application delivery. It features a built-in intelligent, visual workflow center that makes it possible to design modular workflows for every element upon which an application is connected to.


Workload Automation

Fully compatible with leading operating systems, databases, applications, and cloud platforms, Workload Automation is a specialized automation tool designed for easy integration of all of your business operations into one single automated strategy. It helps to simplify processes across diverse and complex IT infrastructures while providing enhanced visibility to analyze and manage business processes at granular levels to reduce risk and speed up operations. Key features include the ability to code automation as well as job request management, process flow documentation, and more.

Automic Automation

With a single, unified platform, Automic Automation provides a centralized point of automation across mainframe, distributed, and cloud environments to easily manage complex workloads and streamline multiple data sources. It provides enhanced deployment of services, flexibility to customize automation, and reduces manual error to deliver faster and more reliable results.


IT Process Automation Manager

IT Process Automation Manager uniquely provides a way to orchestrate and integrate the many dynamic and complex components and characteristic of modern enterprise IT operations. It achieves this by supporting widely-used technologies while providing the flexibility to be adapted to unique and specific environments, enabling the automation of processes across technologies, tools, and previously siloed systems.


  • Enhanced visibility of complex workloads across a multitude of platforms, systems, and environments for greater control and precision
  • Leverages AI and machine learning functionality to automate delivery and workflows
  • Self-service capabilities with a flexible and easy-to-use UI
  • Pre-built integrations and support of open-source software
  • Predictive issue identification and risk assessment
  • Data visualization capabilities for a clear and complete picture of key performance health metrics
  • Intelligent, customizable pipelines to continuously monitor and increase efficiency of operations


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