Starter Edition Software FAQs

Who is eligible to sign-up for the Starter Edition?


You’re eligible if you:

  • Do not currently have a paid user account for the requested Starter Edition product (Users with a paid account for one product are encouraged to enroll in Starter Edition accounts for different products).
  • Have not previously signed up for the Starter Edition for the requested product.
  • No one else in your Organization has an active Starter Edition subscription administrator account for the requested product.
  • Are using your Starter Edition subscription to perform work on behalf of an organization based in one of the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, United States.
  • You are NOT using your Starter Edition subscription to do work on behalf of a government agency.
How do I sign up?


Go to and register for the product that you would like to use.

How long does it take for my Starter Edition account to be provisioned?


BlazeMeter and Automic CDD will be provisioned immediately.
Rally and DX APM SaaS will be provisioned within 2 business days.

When does Starter Edition expire?


There is no expiration date for the Starter Edition offerings.

Is there ever a cost?


There is never a cost for the Starter Edition as long as your usage is below the Starter Edition usage limits

Can I use a Starter Edition offering for personal use?


No, the Starter Edition is only available for business/professional use.

What type of support is available with the Starter Edition? 


Starter Edition users have access to the Broadcom Community as well as product documentation via Broadcom TechDocs.

What happens if I go above the Starter Edition usage limits?


Starter Edition accounts using a product beyond the Starter Edition usage limits may be asked to upgrade their account to a paid account based on the entitlements in use, or to reduce usage to below Starter Edition usage limits. Accounts using beyond the Starter Edition entitlements for an extended period without upgrading to a paid account may be terminated.

How do I upgrade my account to a paid account?


Can I downgrade my paid account to a Starter Edition account?


No, a paid account cannot be downgraded to a Starter Edition account.

Can I use on -premise versions of the Starter Edition products?


No, the Starter Edition offerings are only available in SaaS versions.

What if someone in my organization is already using the Starter Edition?


Each organization is allowed one Starter Edition account per product. If someone within your organization is already using a Starter Edition account you cannot enroll in another account for the same product.

Can I sign-up for a Starter Edition account if I’m already a paid user?


No, a user cannot have a paid account for a Starter Edition product and a Starter Edition account for that same product.

Am I allowed to use the Starter Edition in production?


Yes, Starter Edition accounts can be used to support production deployments.

Can I export my data from my Starter Edition account?


Yes, export utilities within each product can be used to export data from Starter Edition accounts.

Do I have API access to my data in order to use my own analytics tools?


API access for Starter Edition products varies, depending on the product. Please see the Starter Edition usage limits outlined above.

How can I access product documentation and the community?


What happens to my Starter Edition account if I don’t login for an extended period?


Starter Edition accounts with no activity over a 90 day period may be deleted.

Why does my DX APM SaaS subscription show an expiration date?


All DX APM SaaS subscriptions show an expiration date. We are working to remove this in the product. Your Starter Edition account will not expire.

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