DX Application Performance Management

A&I’s application performance management solutions enable you to quickly improve application performance and reliably deliver business services.  A&I uniquely provides DX APM across physical, virtual, cloud, mobile and mainframe environments.

Our application management solutions capture transaction performance data to monitor, manage and triage the customer experience.  Let us help to optimize critical application performance.


Key solution components include:

    • DX SaaS
    • DX Application Performance Management (DX APM)
    • Cross Enterprise APM for Mainframe
    • DX App Synthetic Monitor (DX ASM)
    • Application Delivery Analysis (ADA)
    • DX App Experience Analytics (DX AXA)
    • AIOps from Broadcom

DX Infrastructure Management

A&I’s DX Infrastructure Management solutions deliver comprehensive, integrated and cost effective monitoring, management and reporting for system, network, capacity, environmental and overall service operations management.  Many of these solutions can be delivered via cloud or on premise for rapid adoption and implementation.

RCAtraffic analysis

    • Adopt a more holistic, unified approach to managing IT operations from a services perspective to significantly improve customer experience.
    • Realize 25% or greater reduction in mean-time-to-repair (MTTR) and 20% or more reduction in network and system outages via a unified platform, advanced root cause analysis, intelligent visual dashboards and guided workflows capabilities that can significantly speed and simplify problem triage and remediation.
    • Optimize resource utilization and minimize unnecessary expenditures with a complete, end-to-end view of both current and future capacity needs across both computing and physical data center infrastructure.

Key solution components include:

    • DX SaaS
    • Unified Infrastructure Management (formerly Nimsoft)
    • DX Spectrum
    • DX Performance Management (eHealth, NetVoyant)
    • Network Flow Analysis (NFA)
    • Service Operations Insight (SOI)
    • AIOps from Broadcom
    • Unified Communication Monitor (UCM)
    • DX NetOps Manager
    • DX Mediation Manger
    • DX Virtual Network Assurance
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