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Improve app performance and deliver flawless user experiences with unmatched insight and intelligence.

Free Tier Features Include:

  • Up to 20 Monitoring Agents
  • Service and alarm analytics
  • User experience, journey and funnel
  • Hybrid-cloud and microservices monitoring
  • Root cause analytics across app-infra-network



Big performance picture. Real-time insight.
  • DX Application Performance Management (formerly CA Application Performance Management or CA APM) is fully integrated with our AIOPs solution to correlate and analyze data across users, applications, infrastructure and network services, giving you real-time insight into the health of key business services.

Discover, trace and diagnose application performance issues.
  • Diagnose the exact cause of performance issues before production in your APIs, transactions, code and database calls.
  • See how any topology, attribute or code change impacts application performance – and track back with Timelines to reveal when and why performance changed.
  • Automatically detect anomalies, gather evidence and streamline support workflows with the powerful Assisted Triage.

Eliminate alert fatigue with automated root cause analysis.
  • DX Application Performance Management (DX APM), fully integrated with our AIOPs solution, uses advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to automatically identify the probable cause of an issue. It helps to reduce false alerts so you’ll only get alerted when the problem is real.

Manage performance across containers and microservices.
  • This scalable, cost-effective and easy-to-configure solution lets you easily:
  • Isolate complex performance issues across modern stacks – including hosts, containers and applications.
  • Gain aggregated views into total service performance with detailed App, API and microservice instrumentation.
  • Simplify complex topology and maps into clear and actionable “Team Center” performance views.
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