Application Delivery and Development

A&I’s application delivery solutions allow customers to develop high quality applications faster by leveraging integrated processes and integrated enabling parallel development, continuous testing and continuous deployment. This will allow the deployment of new applications, upgrades, enhancements and fixes from development through production in minutes, not weeks, with automation, testing constraint elimination and complete process integration and orchestration. A&I’s solutions optimize the application development cycle for distributed, mainframe and mobile applications.

Application Lifecycle Management

ALM photo

Key solution components include:

    • Rally – Agile management of the development process
    • ALM – Manage the complete application lifecycle

Development & Testing Optimization

A&I’s solutions focus on rapidly creating high-quality software.  These solutions remove constraints and dependencies while creating a unique, collaborative and automated environment for developing and testing software by combining API management, service virtualization, test data management and test automation capabilities.

Key improvements:

    • Reduce development and test cycle times
    • “Shift left” to find defects much earlier in the Software Delivery Life Cycle before they reach QA

Key solution components include:

    • Layer7 API Management
    • DevTest
    • Test Data Management
    • Service Virtualization
    • DX Application Performance Management

dev and test



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