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Layer7 API Management

Layer7 API Management is driving the Digital Economy.  Businesses are driving to provide superior digital experiences for consumers through mobile, expand markets and revenue streams through multiple channels, and connect employees and partners to enterprise data anywhere, anytime. In addition, enterprises are looking to take advantage of new technology and create opportunities to launch innovative new services in the Internet of Things (IoT).  A&I is providing highly scalable, efficient and secure solutions to allow our customers to capitalize on this fast changing environment.

Layer7 API Management Suite (formerly Layer7) delivers the industry-leading family of API products with unmatched flexibility, performance and security. Building on the foundation of its industry-leading SOA application gateway technology for exposing, securing and managing backend applications, network systems or infrastructure via APIs, CA Technologies has added critical mobile, cloud and REST composition features. With this additional functionality, Layer7 API Gateways represent the best available solution for enterprises looking to open data and services to partners, developers, mobile apps, cloud services and smart devices.

Layer7 API Developer Portal 

Layer7 API Developer Portal includes a complete content management system (CMS) that makes it simple to create an SEO-friendly portal that maintains the look and feel associated with your brand. The CMS includes functionality for modified CSS, HTML code insertion, dynamic JavaScript™-based content and custom menus.

With Layer7 API Developer Portal, organizations can offer an API Explorer, which helps developers discover APIs that are relevant to their needs and interests. Also, Layer7 API Developer Portal makes it possible to automatically generate versioned, interactive documentation in order to help developers quickly understand how to use these APIs.

Additionally, the Layer7 Developer Portal empowers API publishers to deploy a range of interactive development and educational tools that help developers speed the creation of powerful client applications. These tools can include a detailed API catalog, sample applications, mobile device SDKs and dynamic code generation.

Layer7 API Gateway features include:

  • Integrated Web, mobile and XML fire-walling
  • Backend SOA connectivity across databases, applications, mainframes and middleware
  • Protocol transformation from legacy to REST and JSON
  • Advanced SAML, OAuth and XACML identity and access capabilities
  • Military-grade security certifications
  • Customizable API composition and virtualization capabilities
  • Cloud, mobile and social connectivity for simplified orchestration with outside services
  • SDK and API readiness for easy extensibility
  • Built-in clustering and availability features
  • Unmatched SLA and mobile optimization functionality

Layer7 API Mobile Gateway

  • Adaptation: Externalize backend application services and data as RESTful mobile APIs.
  • API security: Protect REST, SOAP and OData APIs against denial-of-service (DoS) and API attacks.
  • Cryptography: Enforce mutual SSL-based security for API consumption.
  • Identity and access: Implement app authentication, social login and SSO with OAuth and OpenID Connect.
  • Integration: Centralize connectivity between social networks, cloud services and notification services.
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