App Synthetic Monitor Newsletter June 2020

Written by thall

Jun 15, 2020

June 15, 2020

ASM 10.4 Release Changes

Ability to configure an HTTP Proxy at the Monitor Level.

ASM 10.4 Release Changes

Support for Basic Digest Authentication in the Webdriver monitor

ASM 10.4 Release Changes

Improved Jmeter Error Validation

ASM 10.4 Issues Resolved

Querying API Script Now Returns with Updated Script

ASM 10.4 Issues Resolved

Performance Enhancements for Filtering Graphs By Locaion

ASM base subscription and add-ons determine the number and type of monitors that are associated with your account.  To review your current account configuration and usage, follow the instructions to the right.  Click on the images to enlarge and see detailed examples.

Navigation to Monitoring Allowances and Usage

In left hand navigation pane, click Monitoring > Monitors

Monitoring Allowance and Usage

Examine your usage in the Monitor usage overview section

If you have a need to obtain monitors with a different check interval, please reach out to to see what options are available for you.

Thank you for your continued use of Broadcom’s App Synthetic Monitor.  If you have questions regarding usage or possibilities with ASM, please contact

Synthetic  monitoring is an important component to deliver adequate systems monitoring.  If you are interested in the possibilities of extending to ‘live’ monitoring, which could include browser, application internals, network and infrastructure (or any combination of these), A&I Solutions can help with that as well.

Happy Monitoring!

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