Enterprise Security

Secure the Open Enterprise

A&I’s enterprise security solutions enable comprehensive enterprise security by securing applications, users, data and infrastructure. A&I uniquely provides secure solutions across physical, virtual, cloud, mobile and mainframe environments.

Our enterprise security solutions monitor, manage and audit systems, networks, applications and transactions. These solutions monitor, manage and triage the customer experience.

Let us help to quickly secure your applications and infrastructure.

Key solution components include:

• Advanced Authentication – User Authentication and Device Authentication

• Cross Application Federation and Single Sign-on

• API Security

• Identity Management

• Data Governance

• Threat Protection & Penetration Testing

• Complete Network Visibility and Security Protection

• Mobile Applications and Devices


A&I enterprise security solutions are comprehensive, rapid implementable and fully integrated into development, deployment and management processes.

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A&I Solutions, founded in 1999, is a leading information technology (IT) services provider and software reseller of best in class solutions.  A&I delivers holistic solutions that involve robust technology tools, expert integration, and consultative expertise to improve and protect client businesses.  By pinpointing customers’ key business problems and desires, A&I Solutions can successfully deliver overall improvements to processes, innovation, speed-to-market, security, reliability, and intelligence at the unit level and to the customer organizations as a whole.

Built on a strong foundation of expert services and extraordinary teamwork, A&I is driven to continue success by providing our customers with proven results.

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