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A&I provides security solutions that are designed to help increase your business agility. This way, you can improve security information management, minimize risk, and improve regulatory compliance.


A&I Advanced Continuous Monitoring System (ACMS) for SiteMinder

A&I Solutions' ACMS for SiteMinder provides businesses with a monitoring solution that gives visibility into analyzing the CA SiteMinder product. This helps administrators to gather authentication & authorization events, user policies, performance metrics all in one place for troubleshooting purposes.


CA Identity Manager

This product, from the CA Identity Management Suite, automates user provisioning and role based application access within your organization. This is applicable to all the users including employees, contractors, suppliers, vendors, customers and/or business partners. This improves the user on boarding and off boarding processes greatly resulting in better user lifecycle management.

CA SiteMinder

CA SiteMinder is a centralized web access management tool that provides authentication, authorization, single sign-on and identity federation based capabilities. The administrators can choose from a list of available authentication schemes and set policy based authorization rules per application basis.

CA Federation Manager

CA Federation Manager exclusively provides identity federation capabilities and can get integrated with other industry leading federation partners thereby providing users of one organization secure access to applications of another organization. The communication happens over industry based standards like SAML 2.0, WS-Federation.

CA SOA Security Manager

CA SOA Security Manager is a software product that extends the SiteMinder security to protect web services. This centralized tool provides secure access to services based on industry standard communication protocols.

CA Access Control

CA combined host user access control and privileged user management to come out with a controlled user access product CA Access Control. This product offers controlled access to IT assets such as servers, applications and devices hosted across physical, virtual and cloud based environments.

CA Privileged User Password Management (PUPM)

Privileged User Password Management (PUPM) is a feature and part of the CA Access Control product suite helping organizations mitigate risks by controlling how privileged users can access IT assets. This feature has been introduced to enable accountability within organizations. It also helps in lowering administrative costs and makes audit/compliance processes easier.

CA Enterprise Log Manager

CA Enterprise Log Manager provides user activity, compliance reporting & security investigation capabilities for identity, access and data usage across physical, virtual and cloud environments. Identifying and investigating what users access, especially within large organizations can be time-consuming and this product adds a business value in such scenarios.

CA Risk & Compliance Manager

CA Risk & Compliance Manager is a business-oriented solution that leverages the analytics and workflow to automate the identity governance processes including entitlements clean-up, certification, segregation of duties and role management.