About A&I Solutions

Founded over 15 years ago in 1999, A&I Solutions continues to provide companies with premier integrated enterprise solutions. By partnering with the trusted and proven solutions of leading technology companies, our customers are assured high performance levels across all IT environments including: physical, distributed, cloud, virtual and heterogeneous platforms. Our expertise in enterprise applications, service assurance, security and infrastructure monitoring allows our customers to transform their companies by driving consistency and maximizing efficiency.

Customer needs are the core focus of A&I Solutions. When our customers achieve high performance levels, our mission is complete and we will continue to focus on reaching this goal with each and every customer.


The A&I Team is built on the foundation of expert service and extraordinary teamwork. Our team is committed to creating strong, long-term relationships with each client and partner. Each A&I team member is driven, goal-oriented and passionate. We strive day-to-day towards professional and personal success in an enjoyable, enthusiastic, fun, positive, and structured atmosphere.

About the Team

A&I Solutions sets a high caliber for each individual that is a part of our team. We continue to satisfy customers by maintaining professionalism, expertise and passion beyond that throughout the industry. Our training and company culture allows our team to transform companies and set them up for continued success into the future. Our mission is at the core of all the work we do and will continue to provide proven, quality results to our customers.

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A&I Solutions, founded in 1999, is a leading information technology (IT) services provider and software reseller of best in class solutions.  A&I delivers holistic solutions that involve robust technology tools, expert integration, and consultative expertise to improve and protect client businesses.  By pinpointing customers’ key business problems and desires, A&I Solutions can successfully deliver overall improvements to processes, innovation, speed-to-market, security, reliability, and intelligence at the unit level and to the customer organizations as a whole.

Built on a strong foundation of expert services and extraordinary teamwork, A&I is driven to continue success by providing our customers with proven results.